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Nickel-Titanium Rotary Files

Endodontic Files > Nickel-Titanium Rotary Files

  • Superior cutting efficiency, flexibility and convenience for shaping root canal
  • Various size, length and materials (Stainless steel, Nickel-Titanium alloy)
  • Special design for the crown-down technique (Engine driven file, Helix)
  • Dia-PT file

    Superior Cutting Efficiency
    - Allows stronger and more sharp blades to more deeper in the canal
    - A triangular cross section reduces contact with the canal wall

    High Flexibility
    - Offers outstanding flexibility and reduces a user fatigue
    - Has high corrosion resistance with a coated surface of files

    Short Shaping Time
    - Decreases total shaping time versus a traditional rotary technique
    - Easily shape in calcified or highly curved canals

  • Helix (Nickel-Titanium Rotary Files)

    - Made of Superior Nickel Titanium Alloy for Engine Driven use.
    - Specially designed for the crown-down technique.
    - Offers a smooth and progressive enlargement of the canal.
    - Helix NiTi Rotary Files help to ease around curved canals and make a tapered preparation.
    - Helix NiTi Rotary Files use ISO Color identification and come in 21mm and 25mm lengths.
    - With amazing flexibility, easily move through canals, especially severely curved canals.
    - High resistance to cyclic fatigue and file separation.
    - Offers outstanding flexibility, cutting ability and reduce user fatigue.
    - Ergonomic handle provides comfort and excellent tactile feedback.
    - Recommended Speed: 150~350r/min