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Root Canal Obturation > Dia-Gun

  • Cordless warm vertical compaction device and backfill obturation device.
  • Dia-Pen offers the most effective technique for the downpack obturation system
  • Dia-Gun offers fast and easy obturation delivery for effective and reliable filling
  • Dia-Gun (Cordless Backfill Obturation Device)

    - Dia-Gun is Cordless Obturation System Device, Dia-Gun offers fast and easy obturation delivery. With this effective obturation system and technique, optimum result are achieved.

    - Cordless and Compact Design allows complete freedom of
    - Reliable Gutta Percha Filling to the desired level without delay
    - Fast and continuous flow of filling tightly seals the canal
    - Variable Temperature Settings (160℃, 180℃, 200℃): precise control
    of obturation flow
    - Quick Heating System: temperature reaches 200℃ within 25 seconds
    - Ergonomically designed 360℃ Swivel Needle offers improved access
    - Thinner needle can easily fill the narrow root canal