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Root Canal Obturation > Dia-Pen

  • Cordless warm vertical compaction device and backfill obturation device.
  • Dia-Pen offers the most effective technique for the downpack obturation system
  • Dia-Gun offers fast and easy obturation delivery for effective and reliable filling
  • Dia-Pen (Cordless Warm Vertical Compaction Device)

    - DiaDent’s Cordless Warm Vertical Compaction Device-Dia-Pen has the optimum functionality and quality and is fully proven effective for the down-pack obturation system.

    Dia-Pen has the following techniques and features:
    - Excellent result with warm and vertical compaction for all canals including lateral canals. DiaPen offers reliable results with tightly sealed root canals
    - Cordless, Ergonomic and Lightweight design make it easy for handling, cleaning and storage
    - Quick heating tip reaches high level of temperature within one (1) second to save treatment time
    - Color-coded pen tips are available in various sizes (#XF, F, FM, M, ML) for easy identification
    - Three temperature settings (High, Medium, Low)
    - Simple operation